This is a compilation video of many 100s of photos taken in the QuakerVille Aviary. When we moved into our home in 2001 we took one of the bedrooms and created a special aviary for our bird family. Then it was made up of 9 birds: 6 Quakers, 2 Rosellas, and a Double Yellow Headed Amazon. I designed and built the room for photographs and was able to capture thousands of beautiful photographs of our flock over 5-6 years. Over the years I have been able to publish many of the photographs, several I used on the cover of the book “Parrots In The City” that we co-authored with Mattie Sue Athan in 2005, many have been used in the web site, in newspapers, magazines and TV. The room has been host to many bird activists, newspaper and TV journalists, and very special bird lover friends. This video is a composite of 100s of shots taken in the room of the Quakers and Rosellas as they live their normal life. Watching this video you will be able to see classic Quaker parrot and Rosella behaviors as they interact with each other and with Jo and me. Most of these pictures have never been seen or published, especially in this manner. This video has been in the can, so to speak for several years. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch since they all have passed away. They were so very much a part of our family, our companions, our humor, our heart. We miss them all so much. It’s taken me quite a while to watch this, let alone share it with anyone else. I know you won’t have the same feeling watching this as I do but I wanted to go ahead and publish the video so the world will have a hint of an idea how beautiful and full of life these birds were for many years. We loved them and I do believe that they loved us too, especially Stanley for me, and Scooter for Jo. Life is just not the same without them.